You are what you eat funny

Day after day after day, they put in the Work. Happy, Humans of Tumblr, and Cow: Possible new format?

you are what you eat funny

Dank Memes, Pentagon, and Ares: Gym, Legend, and Legends: I hope hot water comes out of every water fountain you use. Logic, Tumblr, and Blog: You're about as useful as a sundial in a black hole.

You are what you eat

Funny, Failure, and Remember: Anaconda, Happy, and Cow: Your entire being is one big waste of atoms. Bailey Jay, Memes, and Verizon: Happy, Girl Memes, and Cow: Anaconda, Memes, and Happy: You probably came out of your mothers ass because her cunt was too busy.

Tumblr, Blog, and Http: Make each day yours for the taking, make it a day your future self will thank you for.

you are what you eat funny

Name one way l could have improved my two-sentence horror fanfic. You Are. She's so moody and attached to me.

you are what you eat funny

You are what you eat Also vegans: Think about what you want from life. Oh wait, yes I do... Food, Halloween, and Girl Memes: