What accent is game of thrones

13 'Game of Thrones' actors whose real-life accents sound nothing like their characters on the show

But now Stannis is gone, and the only time you'll hear cockney on the show is when we encounter guards or soldiers. The visuals of Game of Thrones may be fading from your memory now that Season 7 is in the rear-view mirror also now that Season 8 isn't likely to hit until early 2019.

Entertainment Like Follow Follow. You'd never know Jon Snow was a public ie. The Stark daughters, on the other hand, were educated personally by their mother, Catelyn, who transmitted to them a somewhat more southern accent, since she is not native to Winterfell.

Carice van Houten, who plays Asshai-born Melisandre, speaks her lines with her Dutch accent.

The Oslo-born Kristofer Hivju speaks in a Norwegian accent, while his Wildling character Tormund Giantsbane has a gruff, northern accent. For many fans, though, there's one detail of the show where the work that goes into it may go unnoticed: If you were looking to write a paper on unconscious racism in Game of Thrones , this is where you'd start.

what accent is game of thrones

It usually signals that the character is an asshole who is getting in the way of one of our main characters and is very likely to be run through with a sword or bashed with a hammer for example, the King's Landing guards who accosted Gendry on his way out of the city in Season 7. We, by the way, contacted HBO, but they were unable to provide anyone from the show for interview before the deadline for this piece.

At least with Melisandre the Red Lady Dutch-born Carice van Houten , there's a reason for her to have an exotic accent: King Robert and Lord Eddard are boyhood friends who fought side by side in Robert's Rebellion; their similar accents reflect their shared past, communicate their rapport, and warn of the distance between the two men and the posh, RP southern-accented Lannisters.

what accent is game of thrones

But the most important thing you need to know is this: On the show their accents might just slot into the "vaguely Mediterranean" category below, but let's go with their actual country of origin. Robb Stark, Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy, Ned's older sons sort of , are all played by non-northern English actors Richard Madden, who plays Robb, is from Scotland, which is too far north, I guess; you can listen to his real accent below , but they've all, to varying degrees of success, adopted Bean's Sheffield accent.

If you know a little about the history of Great Britain, you will know that in the years 122-132 of the Roman Emperor, Publius Aelius Hadrianus built a huge wall separating what is now Scotland from the rest of ancient Britain.

Why are fantasy world accents British?

Rose Leslie, who plays the redhead wildling Ygritte, is a super-posh Scot two castles, her family owns. Notify me of new posts by email.

what accent is game of thrones

No, there's a single word Brits will reach for first when describing this accent: The best I can do with Aiden Gillen, the Irish actor currently using every single vowel sound in every single word he says as Littlefinger, is to pretend that it's not the actor but the character, a very minor rural lord with aspirations at greatness, affecting that bizarre accent to sidestep his Vale, and therefore "Welsh"?

To nitpick. That isn't necessarily a negative term, although it is often said with a sneer by the non-posh; it's just the fastest and easiest description.

King Robert Baratheon's northern accent, courtesy of York native Mark Addy, is among the best deployments of accent-as-characterization in the series: So is our colleague Eli; she lives and breathes the George R. He's from the Stormlands in the east.

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Your email address will not be published. The younger Stark kids, however, all have sort of generic southern accents.

what accent is game of thrones

So there still are some differences between posh Starks and the Lannisters, who are full-on Southern posh except for Jaimie and Tyrion.

You will often see American news outlets describe the main Game of Thrones accent as "Northern English.