Toilet hissing when filling out

Here are some reasons why you may be faced with a troubling no-fill toilet tank.

Repair when Flushing

The fill valve will be attached to a clip that controls the height of the valve. The hissing sound is a common occurrence among many toilets. Flapper - is connected at the bottom of the flush valve.

toilet hissing when filling out

Stopping the Hissing Adjusting the float to stop the fill valve from leaking water is usually fairly easy to do. This will keep the tube from entering the overflow pipe and stop the leak. Problems may occur when the float does not rise to the predetermined area to shut of the fill valve.

toilet hissing when filling out

Once you narrow it down to where the problem stems from, the hissing noise is easy to fix. The tank is made up of several parts, each playing a specific role. As a result, water forces its way out through a restricted opening causing the hissing sound. As a result, the float lowers, opening the fill valve to allow more water.

toilet hissing when filling out

It is also responsible for stopping water flow when it rises to a certain point. The opinions expressed in reader comments are those of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions of The Seattle Times. If the Flapper is Damaged...

How To Stop A Toilet From Hissing

Fortunately, many homeowners are able to fix issues with the flush valve assembly on their own without the help of a handyman or a plumber. If the hissing isn't accompanied by water spilling into the overflow tube, air may be making the hissing sound. As a landscape builder, he helped establish two gardening companies.

Replacing the Toilet Tank Parts When all else fails, the next option is to replace the entire flush-valve assembly. The float ascends upwards, as the water level rises up to a point where the valve shuts off, stopping water from flowing in. If water is not reaching the toilet bowl through the overflow tube, then it may be leaking into the bowl through the flap valve , located at the bottom of the toilet tank.

If the sound you hear from your toilet is hissing, it probably means that air or water is leaking from the fill valve.

toilet hissing when filling out

Now turn on the water supply, but do this slowly and check for leaks before turning the water to full force. Thank you Paul!