How to do trials in castle story

how to do trials in castle story

Thanks maguar Traverse the Desert Sands 1 Day. Trial of the artisan have you mastered the art of wood and stone 5.

LEGO® Castle - Chapter 2 - Dragon's Lair

This should cause all items you tapped to collect all at once. Thank you for a great guide and keep up the great work I got a Fey Crystal from harvesting carrots this morning.

Crops Try where possible to space the timing of them so that you don't run out of energy.

Castle Story Walkthrough

Those that get the badges initially most likely got it as the update is new and there are bugs which get iron out soon, thus explaining why after the first few days, no one get any badges until a few weeks later. The quantity that you get depends on the rarity of the items. Big thanks to Primes for her help in recording a lot of experience levels.

how to do trials in castle story

I hope that you find this useful: Collecting Resources When I started I tried to collect from every plant, crop, building, rock, animal and well that I could. If you're after the guide as a whole. After getting 7 badges, I think T and T is actually not random. Added 23rd Sep 2013, ID 603956. How do I get and hatch the new dragon egg from the forgotten roost?

Trials And Tribute

Make sure you have the Love Shack. Saw Slowly at Sabinas Hair 1 sword. Results 1 to 10 of 1041.

how to do trials in castle story

Follow the dark path or use the light. Mine says I have explored it all. Not sure how you were going to add the building upgrades. Hungry For Freedom.

how to do trials in castle story

Just keep feast mission to get horn? Awesome job.

How do I complete the trials an tribune?

Ha ha! I bought a dragon. I don't have the Anvil or Hutch yet..

how to do trials in castle story

When you click on the building a green button will appear at the bottom of the screen Thanks the force close worked for me.