How to differentiate your math instruction

View Related PD Resources. Event Location: Math Solutions Publication Date: During this seminar, you will discover a wealth of ideas for creating, planning, organizing, and maintaining your guided math groups.

how to differentiate your math instruction

It was held on October 20, 2016 Can't Make it? The Math Coach Field Guide: Each of our students think about math differently and require different tools and strategies to build their conceptual understanding. They are rigorous, highly practical and proven to increase student achievement. Lessons, Ideas, and Videos with Common Core Support shares classroom practices that help all students be successful and that give teachers the means to honor individual students and meet curricular outcomes simultaneously.

Marilyn Burns.

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I have found that through the use of guided math groups and differentiated instruction I have been able to truly meet the needs of my diverse learners while building their confidence and competence. In addition, you will receive an extensive resource handbook full of all the ready-to-use strategies and tasks I will share throughout the seminar. Audio Seminars. Meet and Share This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for educators to meet and share ideas on differentiating math instruction in grades K-2.

Publication Date: Grades K-6 Chicago , Jul 22-25.

how to differentiate your math instruction

Have you ever wondered if all of your students really understood the math concepts you are teaching? Connect With Us.

The handbook includes:. Wishlist Wishlist. Consultation Available Lindsey Shannon will be available to answer questions regarding the unique needs of your own math program.

how to differentiate your math instruction

All of the strategies and tasks I will share with you at the seminar have been successfully implemented in my classroom and in other classrooms where I have worked as a math coach. PD Resource Kits. National Train-the-Trainer Institutes. Meet Inservice Requirements At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify hours of participation in meeting continuing education requirements.