How to configure sql server replication

how to configure sql server replication

Expand the server node, and then expand the Replication folder. For more information on pull and push subscriptions, see Subscribe to publications. Then you can query the Product table at the subscriber to view the replicated changes.

how to configure sql server replication

Merge replication overview. Transactional replication is a good solution to the problem of moving data between continuously connected servers.

how to configure sql server replication

Next Article: On the Initialize Subscriptions page, make sure that the Initialize option is selected for the Subscriber. This tutorial is for users who are familiar with basic database operations, but who have limited experience with replication.

We can create this database on the subscriber just restoring a copy of the main database we have on the publisher. Benefits Expand Collapse. Thanks for publishing this Dung.

how to configure sql server replication

The Publisher has a very high volume of insert, update, and delete activity. Configuration should be executed without any errors. Conclusion Transaction Replication is appropriate in each of the following cases: Most of the tasks shown in these tutorials can be performed programmatically. Merge replication is primarily designed for mobile applications or distributed server applications that have possible data conflicts.

SQL Server Replication

In this article, you will find tutorials that help prepare your server for replication, and then teach you to configure both transactional and merge replication. Select Finish to accept the default values on the remaining pages and complete the wizard. In this tutorial, you will learn how to: If we need data to be continously synced, we can also choose a 10 seconds interval. On the Publication page, select the Publisher and the necessary Publication.

SQL Server Merge Replication FTP: the ultimate guide to remote database synchronization

Description Expand Collapse. You might see the following error when configuring the distributor. Click OK.