Expunging felonies in illinois how old

Expungement is generally available for cases that were dismissed or resulted in a favorable disposition, including but not limited to these situations: If you completed certain educational goals during your last sentence, you may be eligible for a shorter waiting period.

Eligible to seal 2 years after the end of the last sentence served in any case.

How long do I have to wait to expunge my criminal records?

More Blog Posts: Reckless Driving unless under 25 at the time of the offense and no other convictions for DUI or reckless driving. Subscribe via RSS. If the state has convicted you of non-felony crimes or some Class 4 felonies, your criminal record may be eligible for sealing.

expunging felonies in illinois how old

Soliciting a Prostitute or Patronizing a Prostitute. Want free legal help? Rate 5.

expunging felonies in illinois how old

With years of experience, we can thoroughly analyze the facts of your case and help you understand your legal rights and options. If you had felony convictions sealed and you are convicted of another felony, the new felony will not be eligible. The time frame you must wait to file for expungement is contingent on the type of criminal record in question.

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The Basics of Expungement in Illinois

Then go through the information below. Pat Quinn's New Law. Violation of a Civil No-Contact Order. Ask Yourself These 4 Questions.

Illinois Expungement Explained: How to Expunge Your Criminal Record in Illinois

For example, if you complete probation for a first-time drug offense, you are required to wait five years from the end of your last sentence before filing for an expungement. The judge will have to decide in the same hearing whether or not to grant your petition.

expunging felonies in illinois how old

Then Clear Part of it! What You Need to Know Expungement vs.

expunging felonies in illinois how old

Criminal Record Expungement in Oak Lawn: