Whoz that girl exid dance practice quotes

Whoz that girl!? Rapper with bleached hair and sunglasses. Yeah, the new members aren't dead weight... Not getting super exided oh! Welcome, Guest. Hae Ryung always seemed like she wasn't quite up to it tbh. Full MV! Did you miss your activation email? I really liked Dami too, she had real personality plus she along with Yuji of course were the two best singers.

EXID (이엑스아이디) – Whoz That Girl

Kind of what I was worried about. They seem pretty fun. She the one becoming an actress? Still a shame Dami left. Man that sucks big time. Been spinning the mini-album and it's pretty cool! February 20, 2012, 08: Jung Hwa kinda reminds me of Han Hyo-joo mixed with Suzy, born in 95' tho so she's even younger.

I especially love the yellow T with Michael Jackson's face and the word "sexy". Hani would probably be my other fav atm knowing nothing about them at all. Well just in case anyone was wondering some of S Tiger's credits include: Clothes in their debut perf look like random stuff they find on the rack.

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Solji seems like the new lead vocal. Does this mean the short haired cute girl is gone? New members seem more solid overall tbh and Hani looking damn amazing directing traffic in the buisness attire. Quote from: Song's a bit bland, I expected some wacky hype song. Might add that LE wrote the original song.