Whole foods market documentary

Provided by Don Howze.

He wondered why the high-end grocer would be interested in the Englewood neighborhood. Marketing fraud and deliberate deception The Whole Foods corporation deliberately deceives its consumers by making false, fraudulent claims that its stores sell "Nothing artificial, ever" when, in reality, Whole Foods Market stores are filled with artificially engineered food crops GMOs which, to this day, remain unlabeled. Prior to making this film, Howze said he had never heard the term food desert, but quickly learned that the term did apply to the community.

whole foods market documentary

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Whole Foods Market® Do Something Reel Film Festival goes online

Image Search. Additionally, theaters in Boston, Detroit, Pittsburgh and San Francisco will host simultaneous screenings and will stream the panel discussion. Now, Howze is releasing the film to the public on Amazon where it is available for purchase.

Processed Food Documentary - Processed Food vs. Nutritional Needs

The purchase process takes seconds, and featured films can be accessed through most web browsers, SmartTVs, phones and tablets. What Whole Foods and Monsanto have in common is that they both benefit from the deception of selling unlabeled GMOs to unwitting consumers.

Additional video, behind-the-scenes talks with filmmakers, suggested questions for home viewings and other materials will be available at no cost at www.

whole foods market documentary

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whole foods market documentary

Related Stories. Yet behind the scenes, Whole Foods was a major force behind the pushing of the Monsanto-inspired anti GMO labeling law that President Obama just signed. Natural News.

This mini-documentary reveals how Whole Foods has become a supporter of Monsanto, deliberately deceiving health-conscious food consumers into falsely believing that Whole Foods Market stores sell no products containing GMOs, heavy metals or toxic pesticides and herbicides. As a teacher at Kennedy-King College, Howze was curious about the new Whole Foods grocery store that was being proposed for the land across the street from the college.

whole foods market documentary

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whole foods market documentary

Whole Foods Market's technology partner NowLive, a production and streaming solution for professional live and on-demand events such as red carpets, cast chats, concerts and original productions will power the live chat as well as the film releases online. As this mini-documentary reveals, Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb has mastered the language of healthy eating and sustainability in order to deceive Whole Foods consumers into thinking his company is acting in their best interests.