What is punding behavior

I can walk 4 miles now without feeling pain.

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Punding is thought to be medication-induced in PD, especially at high dopamine replacement levels. Punding is not obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD. Good news - you're already subscribed!

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what is punding behavior

Self-medication without medical supervision may result in the development of disabling behavioral tendencies. The development of such impulsive and compulsive behaviors is believed to be complications of dopamine replacement therapy.

Since there is no definitive cause or pathophysiology of punding in PD it has been difficult to develop therapeutic approaches to either diagnose early or prevent the developing behaviors.

Something's not right... I thought i will die with brain fog and fatigue, but Best Health Herbal Centre saved my life. Punding is not driven by satisfaction, pleasure, or anxiety. Antidepressants and antipsychotics have both been used to treat punding, but such drugs may not be helpful to all since they are considered a contributing factor.

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Yet people who experience punding may find that the interference or disruption it causes can lead to anxiety or frustration. J Neurol 2007 254 Suppl 5: Just like PD affects each person differently , so does punding, for those who may experience it. DBS, deep brain stimulation , another therapy used for people with PD that generally results in the ability to reduce of drug dosages and improvement in motor symptoms. Personal punding activities are idiosyncratic and may be linked to hobbies or past jobs; behaviors based on past experiences.

As the condition progresses and dopamine loss becomes greater, people take larger doses of medication in order to alleviate motor symptoms.

what is punding behavior

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What Is Punding in Parkinson’s Disease?

Remember, it is never a good idea to adjust stop or increase any medications without first talking to your doctor. Published September 2007.

what is punding behavior

Embarrassment Punding is not necessarily dangerous either to you or your family. Started on Requip, had such bad fatigue that I had to quit that and then started on Sinemet, no changes too. Most people find these repetitive behaviors embarrassing; others find they are a source of aggravation in their homes or offices because people get distracted and it can be disruptive to others. Obsessions are urges, intrusive thoughts, or images that can trigger intense and distressing feelings.

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