What is a site investigation report

what is a site investigation report

To us, a ground investigation is generally a more restrictive phase of specialist intrusive geotechnical investigation with associated site monitoring, testing and factual or interpretative reporting. This phase includes gathering information such as the type of structure to be constructed and its future use, the requirements of local building codes, and the column and load bearing wall loads. In A Client's Guide to Site Investigation , the AGS states that adequate site investigation is of importance to the civil engineer for the successful completion of any building project,.

what is a site investigation report

Accept Privacy Policy. Accurate and thorough documentation of the sample plan design, sample collection and handling procedures, laboratory analyses, data assessment, and a summary of the data collected are crucial to the site investigation.

what is a site investigation report

An adequate and properly structured site investigation is therefore an essential part of any civil engineering or building project. Not all projects will require that formal sampling plans and related reports be submitted prior to initiating site investigation activities; this will vary from site to site and should be discussed with the overseeing project manager in the HEER Office.

Site Investigation.

Site investigation 1

The site investigation should be carried to such a depth that the entire zone of soil or rock affected by the changes caused by the building or the construction will be adequately explored. Changes to the scope of the investigation, or even the design proposals and construction works, might be needed in the light of any unexpected findings.

what is a site investigation report

For most buildings, at least one boring at each corner and one at the center should provide a start. Site investigation should be organized to obtain all possible information toward a thorough understanding of the subsurface condition and probably foundation behavior.

At RSA Geotechnics we think of a site investigation as involving the collation of desk study information, appraisal of the data, assessment of the ground conditions and the provision of an interpretative report. Please note that the information in Civiltoday.

What is site investigation?

These are termed as:. Phase 1 — desk study and reconnaissance survey Phase 2 — intrusive investigation, sampling, analysis and report Phase 3 — design of remediation strategy if required Phase 4 — validation and monitoring of remediation during the construction works It is essential that the information obtained from each phase is assessed to ensure that the original objectives of the site investigation are satisfied.

Bridge Building Equipment Wall. The following reports and major elements are typically prepared and submitted to the HEER Office for review.

what is a site investigation report

Site investigation services What is site investigation? Before the engineer can design a foundation intelligently, he must have a reasonably accurate conception of the physical properties and arrangement of the underlying materials.