Who next yg entertainment merchandise

The girl group Mamamoo has become the top in a seven-day comeback as a new song 'Starry Night'. Latest Photo Gallery. Participate in our 12. If you happen to find yourself in Seoul sometime in the next week, be sure to stop by the YG shop and pick up some great new merchandise!

who next yg entertainment merchandise

What will you be getting today? Create the perfect wing with this delicate Liquid Line Performer for the precise eye look with that stays smudgeless and sharp throughout the day. A Perfectly Perfect Night.

who next yg entertainment merchandise

The temporary store is in the center of Seoul's busiest shopping district, Myeongdong, and is housed on the first floor of the Lotte Young Plaza. Additionally, more products will be available featuring the company mascot, YG Bear, who fans may recognize from monster rookie Lee Hi's official debut earlier this year.

This lipstick is also formulated to give you a long-lasting and semi-matte look that promises to feel comfortable and hydrating upon application.

who next yg entertainment merchandise

This formula also moisturises and glides on smoothly on your skin, but interestingly has a lightweight powder finish. See Now: According to a press release from the agency, in addition to products from their current roster of musical acts, the pop-up store will sell for the first time six different kinds of merchandise for the eleven contestants of the company-run competition show WIN.

Next article Munchkins and Metrics: You can apply this on your eyes, lips, cheeks, and heck, even your nails! Here are 11 products you really, have to add to cart now: Here are some items you absolutely need to get before they arrive here in Singapore next February! This album has 4 new songs, including hits like Ddu-du Ddu-du and Forever Young!

PSA: YG Entertainment Is Opening A Store On Shopee With Official Merchandise For BLINKs

Heads to the U. This particular series was also creatively inspired by four different music genres — electronic, hip-hop, modern rock and acoustic and comes in five different shades — Electric Pink , Pink Bebe , Rose On Lip , The Fall and Peach And Pink.

Infused with cherry blossom, damask rose and chamomile extracts, this matte-creme lip colour has an airy texture that feels weightless and comfortable, with a colour payoff that will stay put. Who's Next.

who next yg entertainment merchandise