What is a dw link suspension

dw-link Suspension

Feels more natural when shock controls things, then chain pull etc. Originally Posted by ebeer. I went out with them a couple of times, and that was pretty much it. I do everything, essentially. The suspension's purpose is to absorb bumps, reduce vibration, and maintain grip through vertical compliance, and will compress due to acceleration unless stopped by shock damping or a counter-force from the suspension.

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what is a dw link suspension

As suspension travel increases, improvements in traction and comfort are realized, but maintaining an efficient ride becomes a greater challenge. There are other key details that allow dw-link designers to build a better bike. In spite of that, they climb and bomb downhill like those of us on DW-Link rears.

The Architect - Dave Weagle's Suspension Revolution

It was a sensation he believes first developed in both his early riding and his activities outside of biking.

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what is a dw link suspension

Don't fight the mountain 01-27-2012 32 John Kuhl mtbr member Reputation: View Sub Menu dw-link Suspension Position Sensitive Anti-Squat by Dave Weagle As bicycle suspension systems become more and more refined, designers strive to reduce weight, increase lateral stiffness, travel, and traction, and at the same time improve efficiency.

Join Date Mar 2008 Posts 81 I'm not a fan of having to flip a lever to make a bike climb well because a there are bikes you can buy which don't need this and b having ridden said bikes for a while, I'm so out of the habit that when I do, I always forget and end up bobbing up hill and bouncing down. Fit and geometry leaves more impact to your ride feel IMHO..

Simply put, the dw-link is the next level of suspension design.

No other SDL design has this. Call Us Toll Free: The extra comfort and traction afforded by suspension is usually accompanied by a noticeable compromise in the efficiency of the bicycle in general. Join Date Dec 2007 Posts 4,570 I don't mind flipping a lever. Dave Weagle's dw-link suspension system may be the single most significant advancement in bicycles since the advent of suspension in the early 1990s.

what is a dw link suspension

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