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Claire Gentile and Lisa Swift finished fifth and sixth respectively. There are people in small colleges who distrust research, and with reason. Pretty heavy thoughts for someone mostly worried about tanks of gas and chapped lips. At Westminster, my research agenda goes directly to the classroom: I could see it a different way: In his talk, David spoke about the folklore of Westminster and the importance of international service, using examples from his Peace Corps experience in India.

Marsicola finished the 3,000-meter steeple race at the UVU Invite with a time of 10: That experience is a common tie that connects you to more than 17,000 Westminster alumni. And lots of Housing folks have I seen — The best, of course, is Mr. Lange finished the 1-mile run in 4: Yes, I was in the White Sands Missile Range—32,000 square miles of desert beauty stretching away to my right, but holding a troubled history.

If she did not know the answer, she knew someone else who did, or she put on her research cap and found the answer in some little-known publication or in an old newspaper. Westminster had nine players named Academic All-Conference and led the Frontier in that category for the second straight year. Then Tony and Ann took another leap of faith: Students and alumni "stand tall" along the north wall of the Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory on 1700 South near 1300 East.

After four years, a chance meeting in Chicago brought them together, and in a matter of hours, they realized the situation needed to change. I quit teaching and took on a job working in a local grocery store while I attended the MPC and Master Track programs.

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After they had their two children, Ann stopped teaching because 22 Tony wanted her to have the opportunity to stay at home with them. The ploy worked, and Vieve Walton married Bill Gore four years later. The college is a magic spot To work, to teach, or to be taught. Brown finished 15th in the slalom standings with 113 points.

Oliver Lange had the best times for the Griffins in the other three events. First, any damp spot threatens to be ice, and unlike in your car where a little ice patch might make you wobble, from a bike, that wobble will throw you for a very personal tour of the asphalt. In outdoor track, Westminster saw Marsicola set the top time in three events.

Fraser finished the 800 meter run at.