How to play with paladin tibia

If you dont have many experience, hunt in superficie floor.

how to play with paladin tibia

They have come to tibia to find some friends. Also, with that extra HP, as pala you don't really have to worry about being Head-shotted quick death by a combo.

how to play with paladin tibia

Originally posted by Sallys-druid on 28. Here its easy to hunt dragons runing and atacking. In 1 we talked about the creators.

Meaning being a high level Sorcerer or Druid gets very boring. I agree on personalised ads. However, most blockers prefer mages and don't want a paladin shooting 1 target down at a time. Dante Nosferatu 29 Paladin, Neptera said:.

how to play with paladin tibia

I only really play now to do quest services and I prefer to block with my ek, but if I have a friend coming to main block I will play my rp to be secondary blocker.

Crossbow of Remedy Overcharged 100 0 65 oz. Share on.

how to play with paladin tibia

Regardz, Zoolys. They are located in floor -5. I am very bored with this vocation and prolly not alone. The time it takes to hunt in the high levels is completely insane.

Why would you play Paladin at higher level?

Originally posted by Demonic Bloodbaff on 20. I have the day off school tomorrow. My biggest problem is the lack of controllable, safe AOE damage. Zbieram Fefery 11 Knight, Rowana said:. There are 4 types of characters: