How to make metal gear raiden cosplay

Sealing Foam. So that was scrapped. Intermediate Leatherworking Class.

how to make metal gear raiden cosplay

Definitely nice. Cut off jaw.

Some of them I glued after painting, some before painting. Finished muscle fibers.

how to make metal gear raiden cosplay

Cod piece formed. I was a big fan of Metal Gear Rising: This is one of the most impressive cosplay builds ever!

how to make metal gear raiden cosplay

The clear coat will give the paint the final pop so it looks shinny and metallic. However, with the release of Metal Gear Rising in 2013, I decided to construct his latest costume in time for the game's release as a labor of love.

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. And that pretty much sums up how I patterned my armor pieces for Raiden. For the muscle pieces, I used a sharp pencil to engrave the fiber lines into the foam.

Raiden Cosplay w/ Motorized Face Shield: Metal Gear Rising (Tutorial)

Raiden Bicep Breakdown. Raw foam. Back held closed by magnets.

how to make metal gear raiden cosplay

Arm glued together. Bicep pattern angles.

Raiden (Cyborg Ninja) W/ Motorized Face Shield From Metal Gear

Magnets on spine and back. Post a Comment. One of the biggest challenges when making foam armor is how to seal and paint it so it actually looks like armor and not "foam with paint thrown on it.

Velcro on body suit. Test video of motorized face shield: Checking mask size.