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Kris Aquino has health update: 'All tests for any tumor markers were negative'

The current hot examples are Perplex City, which mixes Mensa-style mental puzzles Earthworld on Atari 2600: I D Achievements for my feats in Trauma Center only seem fair. Management Gamerscore: A huge selection of fun, destruction derby-style events blended sweetly with an open- world approach to the career mode, making Eve compulsively playable and surprisingly fun. They'll turn over tables and dash around corners, in fact, you can even use their tactics against them: The pair enthusiastically performed Warm It Up — still wearing their trousers backwards.

Its living, breathing world is packed with fantastical bits and bobs — and nary a space marine in sight. Instant Action mode would be unexceptional in most games, but F.

Whatever happened to…? Kris Humphries

Arcade could be the perfect delivery medium for a similar game: Pero kakapalan ko po ang mukha ko at makikiusap: As with everything else, the internet has allowed niche interests to find their audience. I had a rivalry with Crononz for a few months, but right now I'm just trying to stay on top. The darn thing just grew too big to fit in the mag, so it'll be on the disc from now on. I may have to delve into Mr. It's a bug, darnit! Deciding to get to the bottom of this on my vacation, I've since discovered that it happens only when I turn the TV on or off.

Such is the giddy yet cruel joy of Chromehounds, a quasi-futuristic robot-combat simulator in the tradition of niche PlayStation favorite Armored Core and Capcom's pricey Steel Battalion. Once we got the hang of it, we preferred the controller when moving about the world, but using a keyboard is a must for any sentence longer than "ok.

Kris Kross: What happened next?

The first volume, King of Sherwood, established the famous Robin Hood and the whole cast of characters, including the vicious, spiteful Sheriff of Nottingham. Scattered throughout each level are "salvage" piles you can scavenge for scrap, a renewable resource courtesy of your portable pals: Chromehounds and Enchanted Arms are definitely on the way. You've seen the screenshots of Antarctic Sam decked out in an all-white stealth suit in the middle of a blizzard, but how's this for cool: Inflate your Gamerscore by several thousand points this weekend with our easy, cheesy guide.

He has been running his own independent music label in Atlanta, called C.