Doctor who companion theories

But was the nod to Prince just a smart late addition, or is there more to it?

doctor who companion theories

Latest Stories. Since the Meta-Tenth Doctor that is her counterpart can't regenerate, the implication is that Donna herself might now be able to.

doctor who companion theories

Ultimately he sends it through time in six pieces to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Watch Artists Sketch Tag: Top 10 Horror Movies Tag: Maybe the universe finally delivered.

Oswin is the Key to Time.

4 CONFIRMED Doctor Who Conspiracy Theories!!!

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doctor who companion theories

Dark Horse Tag: This would make for an awesome bootstrap paradox of sorts for the end of an era. The last we saw of them, they flew off together for their own journey through time and space.

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doctor who companion theories

It wasn't revealed until the very end that the 19th-century Clara was in fact connected to Oswin at all until she repeated her final words to The Doctor before she died, the same words she left him with in the asylum. Jef Rouner January 7, 2013 7: Considering that Neil Gaiman, the king of fiction in fiction, is coming back to write next season, this isn't outside the realm of possibility.

doctor who companion theories

They left the Doctor for dead and went on their own journey together. Speculation on this draws mostly from the meaning of both Oswin and Oswald, which mean "Friend of God. Or sign in with a social account: When asked if Rose and the Doctor could have had kids, Tennant told the assembled audience: Could we also see a different actor replace Patrick Troughton as the newly-regenerated 2nd Doctor?