2012 presidential debate who winning for president

When the Denver debate started, Romney came out with a defense of regulation -- after the GOP spent four years blaming Obama for wrecking the economy with too many of those. He's rich.

Economic growth is real, even if too slow for anyone's satisfaction. Before the first debate in Denver , candidate Romney had shifted right to win the Republican primaries. Read this over at Slate if you have a moment: Instead, we got another Massachusetts candidate who could rightly be called a "flip flopper" and one arguably far more flippy than the last guy.

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2012 presidential debate who winning for president

Romney with the affliction of forgetting, the Republicans tried to convince America to forget how we got in this economic mess in the first place. He was a "severe conservative," moving his positions on abortion, immigration, climate change, etc. Presidential Elections: Generally, I love the English, but thank goodness we did it differently from them Source: The American people trust Obama to more or less stay the course and didn't believe Romney was going to do much better.

2012 presidential debate who winning for president

Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Consider that over the course of George W. That means whoever wins the election is likely to get a similar halo,.

Why Did Mitt Romney Lose The 2012 Presidential Election?

Let me be clear, I believe he's a good man and has achieved many great things, but I am describing how this race was run -- and lost. President Obama won Latinos, African-Americans, and "all others" by larger margins than Romney won among even white men.

Compare us to the Brits for example:. Someone who -- I believe -- might have lost the primaries to Rick Santorum the last conservative standing , but had he been able to campaign that way for a year, might have won the election. More questions on U.

2012 presidential debate who winning for president

Quora Contributor. He's "very white," having come from Utah, being Mormon, being a country-club businessman, etc. Nov 7, 2012, 01: Bush , decided to stick with the president for another term. The lowest was Latino men, who chose the president 63-35.

The public, most specifically in the "battleground states," but most probably overall by a slightly smaller margin than the re-election of George W. The best answer to any question. And while Romney promised to create "12 million new jobs," a supposedly unsophisticated electorate somehow intuited that was basically what's expected without much good happening.