What to wear to vet tech interview

what to wear to vet tech interview

While some of us may tend to be loners in general, we feel good about being around people that understand our love of animals, and want to help us help them. Petersburg College: This will give you an idea of the attitude and approach of the staff in caring for animals in their practice. Seconding schroedinger and SpecialK on the attire.

Wear comfortable, professional clothes that allow you to work with animals.

Common Vet Assistant Interview Questions

Underdressed for an Interview. These clothes are not only uncomfortable, but expensive to purchase and keep clean!

what to wear to vet tech interview

I think the doctor decided not to hire someone cause they weren't a very busy practice. These keep you safe and comfortable during the interview. So we wear dog fur and cat hair and unwelcome scents throughout the day. Sorry for my hasty reading. I've taken AP courses and college courses in all areas of science. All of that and basic accounting are taught in the Vet Tech programs. These pants may or may not have pockets and usually have a wide hem at the ankle, making them easy to alter to fit taller people.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Veterinary Assistant

I have never found it to be the case that people confuse what you wear to the interview, with what you wear on the job day to day. I actually don't mind not being paid for working interviews since I am trying to get a job and don't want to decrease my chances of getting the job by demanding I be paid.

what to wear to vet tech interview

A suit is ideal; however, at the very least men should wear a button down and a tie and ladies should wear a blouse and a skirt or a jacket with pants. The phD?

what to wear to vet tech interview

Choose small, stud-style earrings and avoid long necklaces or bracelets. Vet techs, also called veterinary technicians or veterinary nurses, work alongside veterinarians during physical exams, surgical procedures and consultations.

Has anyone here done a working interview?

I've actually done two working interviews and I didn't get paid for either of them. On the job training can be as valuable if not more so than schooling, often the latter is the case.

what to wear to vet tech interview

I monitored anesthesia. Register here. Wear tailored professional, modest clothes for an interview. The next minute, the assistant may be helping a client understand why having their pet's teeth cleaned is so important or providing a receptionist with a second set of hands at the front desk.