What is directorial concept

Interestingly enough, what I knew I could bring to the show and how I knew I could make it better was mainly as kind of an experienced director and not as a sort of musical consultant. Such a concept would not undermine the play the way it would a more recent script, or a play that is still part of our cultural reference, like Philip Barry's 'The Philadelphia Story.

That's all I ever do. This is an opportunity for the students to express what they like and why.

Developing a Director’s Concept

Often a director is brought in to help create a concept for a production that is still being developed. Burdman cites three conceptual productions that have inspired him: Call out how much time they have left to finish the exercise until everyone has completed their selections and notated them on their paper.

Dakin Matthews was unforgettable as the Southern senator and war veteran Menenius. So we in effect built a community out of the audience, and watching it take place every night is very moving.

Directorial Concepts

They play their drums and go into a 'drum zone,' a meditative place where they can free their minds. Someone even described it [as] like being 'inside a movie. The rules for works published in the U.

His idea of a director's concept is "something that enhances the text rather than just showing off.

what is directorial concept

I encouraged the actors to do the same, which they did, even to the extent of questioning whether they themselves agreed with that directorial approach. Hand out the strips of colored circle stickers. It's almost spiritual.

what is directorial concept

In an ideal world, a bold concept illuminates the text in a way that a more straightforward rendition might not. As for final words of advice, Bowen offers, "Sometimes simplicity is best when it comes to concepts. And one of the ideas that kept coming back to me was the importance of music in South Africa -- it is the glue that connects communities.

what is directorial concept

Sometimes an experiment with a classic may not work completely but will illuminate the script for a future production: I also felt like it needed me.

Related Articles. And then they would begin moving for the transitions between scenes. So that's basically been my journey with 'Drumstruck.