What bike does lebron james ride

what bike does lebron james ride

He is now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Accuracy and availability may vary.

LeBron James likes to bike to work. We tested his route — and it’s dangerous

Tim Rostan. Download the latest Flash player and try again. Perhaps the biggest perk of all, those who graduate will earn free tuition at the University of Akron starting in 2021.

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Cycling Saved LeBron James. Now, He’s Giving Bikes to All His Students

It gave him an escape. Back in 2012, Yahoo published a picture of LeBron biking to a home game, and that was when he played for the Miami Heat.

what bike does lebron james ride

The idea behind the I Promise School comes from his own childhood experience, too. When he played for the Miami Heat, he was spotted commuting to games on his oversized mountain bike. Best and worst dressed.

what bike does lebron james ride

This alternative would protect James from cars, but put him at greater exposure to slow-moving beach traffic and curious Lakers fans. The bikes are just part of the I Promise School initiative.

Here's How LeBron James Could Bike To Work In LA (But Will He?)

And he made a courtside appearance with his new team over the weekend. Don't miss: Sections of Venice Boulevard, like many streets across the city, can be filled with potholes, debris from collisions or broken shards of glass.

Primetime Shows. When James was in fourth grade, he and his mom moved about half a dozen times , causing him to miss a lot of school: Think so laughter. When he and his friends would "just ride," James recalls, "there was a sense of joy and comfort. The basketball sensation will be playing for the Lakers this upcoming season and plans to bring his bike with him to Los Angeles.