How to update phone number on yahoo

How can I create a group contact which has approximately 40 individual e-mails? We appreciate it.

how to update phone number on yahoo

Choose "Accounts" to open up a new tab on the right. Locate your birth date in the "Basic Information" section and use the day, month and year drop-down boxes to select the correct birth date.

Change mobile number for Yahoo account [Closed]

You can click the box and simply type in a new phone or fax number to change this information. Retype your password into the white box and click "Sign In" to continue.

how to update phone number on yahoo

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how to update phone number on yahoo

How do I change my Yahoo mobile number account? Deine Yahoo Kontaktdaten aktualisieren. Answer this question Flag as... Your contact information is now updated! Mail In other languages: Learn more. Related Articles. This article has also been viewed 49,592 times. How do I delete my picture on yahoo account?

How can I remedy this so that I can log in? There will be three links below it: Click done.

how to update phone number on yahoo

You can click each individual box to enter your title, first name, and last name. Head to "Settings.