How to be a closet brony

That's what will get people annoyed, you trying to tell them how great the show is and why you love it when they didn't ask the question in the first place.

My Little Brony

It's loaded with useful information about the subreddit and more! Heh, I even told my friend about all these awkward brony communities to the point of becoming a shameless hypocrite, but never in my life will I let the thought of having my parents know that I go into such communities be reality. So honestly, don't look at it like you're admitting some dark secret.

Someone else says "What's with that pony thing?

Are you an open brony or a closet brony? Why?

Unless you have a perfect hiding spot i. Formatting Edit 2: She thought it was cute but I'm still kind of ashamed.

how to be a closet brony

Rarity the Unicorn. The basic premise here is that it will only be a big deal if you make it one. It's easy!

how to be a closet brony

Dashing Rainbow Dash 1 year ago. If you want to bring it up yourself, ask if they've heard of it, tell them it's surprisingly good and offer to show it to them.

how to be a closet brony

Reply 3 years ago. I'm 25, and recently got into MLP: I believe there's a subreddit for friends too... By the end, i thought to my self,"who am i to make fun of someone for something they like? Btw I am 16 years old.

How to Become a Brony/Pegasister

Gender roles seriously feel like awful restrictions to me and I refuse to feel the pressure of conforming to one side. But If they found out I watch a little girls show...

The tips are all classic tips for coming out about sexual orientation or gender identity. Embrace that part of it around non-bronies.

how to be a closet brony

I really do appreciate it! Start with just one person, and someone you can really trust.

I've had multiple close encounters when it comes to this. Now you have to tell your parents, just so you can tell us their reaction in vivid detail. It's your best tool in this endevour. That's why, to my knowledge, there isn't a lot of bronies here.