Who carries george brand clothing

Please read the rules before joining the discussion. While the most popular cut is the pencil skirt, other midi skirts are available.

With its assortment of pants, skirts, and blazers, especially, the brand can make you look sharp in an instant. George is one of four new apparel brands for women, men and kids unveiled by Walmart.

By George! Buying George at Wal-Mart is a tough sell

Walmart still has a lot of work to do in attracting younger, high-spending fashion shoppers. Four seasons out, George, which is targeted to women 30 to 50 years old, is hardly the megahit industry denizens feared. You may also want to view these photo galleries: As it expanded into accessories, undergarments and trendier styles, it grew to become the second-biggest selling apparel brand in the U.

who carries george brand clothing

George's wobbly start raises the larger question of whether Wal-Mart's low-price, commodity approach is too restricting for a fashion brand. The problem, rather, appears to be with Wal-Mart's execution. List of all popular kids' and women's brands on Swap.

Walmart launches four new clothing brands to compete with Amazon, Target

Wal-Mart's vast size, with about 3,000 U. Cancel Send. The affordability of the line also makes it a godsend for parents who need to put together an entire wardrobe of school uniform components.

who carries george brand clothing

Show Thumbnails. Video provided by Reuters Newslook. The Walmart Corporation was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. To make George a successful global brand, the company must adapt to a more demanding production cycle.

who carries george brand clothing

Walmart goes upscale in selling furniture, home goods online. They include oxford shirts, ties, and blazers, as well as three-piece sets that combine a matching shirt, vest, and slacks.

who carries george brand clothing

Share This Story! Bundles are also available that combine a jacket and skirt or a jacket and pants to better fill out your wardrobe.

Pants include trousers and slacks in colors like khaki, grey, and black. Most parents will shop from the George brand only when they have specific occasions in mind, and these clothes provide excellent options if your child is attending a wedding, funeral, or formal party. Time and Tru is one of four new apparel brands for women, men and kids unveiled by Walmart.