What parts of iraq under isis

A shifting attack strategy In Iraq and Syria, even with its territory greatly diminished, the Islamic State has persisted. Kurdish militants in Syria have trained hundreds of Yazidi volunteers to fight Islamic State forces in Iraq.

Iraq Approves New Government. Reports At least 30 Sunni Muslims were killed after prayers Friday when a Shiite militia opened fire at a mosque in Iraq, security sources said. It provided salaries to fighters and stipends to their families, as well as public services ranging from marriage certificates to garbage collection. Reversal or Refinement?

In Iraq and Syria, even with its territory greatly diminished, the Islamic State has persisted.

what parts of iraq under isis

We spoke with Iraqi, Kurdish, and U. Nine Moroccan citizens were arrested as part of a suspected network suspected of recruiting fighters for ISIS. Sign up here ].

Iraq Turmoil

Everywhere, front line forces said they faced frequent counterattacks from ISIS. Lawmakers Weigh In Lawmakers on opposites sides of the aisle weighed in on Obama's authorization of "targeted airstrikes" aimed at combating militants in Iraq. The aid dropped off this week in Erbil includes 3,000 family kitchen sets, 6,000 collapsible water containers and 12,000 blankets.

Backed by U.

what parts of iraq under isis

In Syria, some believe these fighters are awaiting the departure of American forces before attempting a rebound. The Iraqi government and its allies, rightly, viewed the victories against the group last year as a moment to celebrate for a country coming off years of unrest.

what parts of iraq under isis

ISIS has also returned to the playbook that made it a force in 2012 and 2013: But driving the militants from their territory alone will not be enough to bring about their long-term defeat, officials and analysts say. Protesters loyal to a Shiite cleric breached Baghdad's Green Zone Saturday, home to government buildings and foreign embassies. President Barack Obama's promise of no boots on the ground in Iraq isn't what religious refugees who have made it to shelter in Erbil want to hear. Indeed, in the three predominantly Sunni provinces where ISIS was once dominant—Diyala, Salah ah-Din, and Anbar—the group has now returned to conducting potent insurgent attacks.

The remaining Islamic State fighters may now be scattered, but they are numerous — and still pose a threat. Embattled Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has agreed to step aside and support his nominated replacement.

what parts of iraq under isis

The assault on Hajin is one of two late-stage battles taking place in Syria. President Barack Obama has sent 130 U. Iraq's army spokesman said the troops were backed by aerial support but he didn't specify whether there were U.

Special Operations forces in northern Iraq have landed on top of the Sinjar Mountains to assess the possibility of a mission to rescue Yazidi refugees.

Iraq war map: Who controls what

Hundreds of protesters loyal to a Shiite cleric invaded Baghdad's Green Zone and occupied the parliament building. Iraq's military has launched another offensive to target ISIL sleeper cells and pockets long after the group lost territory.

The difference is that in those battles, the jihadists made a strategic retreat, choosing to abandon their positions to consolidate and regroup.