How to make parol lantern tail

How to make decorative tails for your parol

Fold into a triangle 1. Raciel D. The shiny red and green panels looked like stained glass windows. The star was stunning.

how to make parol lantern tail

The frame should look like the one on the final image. Roots and Wings Preschool. Choose your colored plastic cover and lay it out on the table. Find the tips of each strip and find the center by folding the strip in two.

Make a Parol - a Filipino Christmas Lantern

Apply skin to the sides of the parol. Cut a small hole at the tip.

how to make parol lantern tail

Cut the pattern out. Make sure your light socket is unplugged. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I am so excited that it is slowly getting noticed.

how to make parol lantern tail

Thanks for sharing and posting instructions and photos! Click here to read about the latest volunteering opportunities. Lila, happy to hear you found the instructions useful.

Parol making

I just wish I knew where to find the stencils. I so want to make this but I think it may be a bit beyond my skill set. Carefully unfold and separate the sheets of paper 7.

how to make parol lantern tail