How to defuse fireworks explosion

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A risk adaptation practice followed by the residents to reduce the impact of blast waves is that they covered glassed windows and doors with insulation tapes and kept them open during the firework hours. Besides, a few patients were admitted to private hospitals at Kollam.

how to defuse fireworks explosion

Email is not a valid email. He veered onto Meekland Avenue to search for the origin and saw a group of teenage boys.

How to Disarm an Improvised Explosive Device

Take a look at the rainbow chart to see what types of substances are used in fireworks and the colors that are created when they burn. The spark of fire will heat up the electrons and excite them. In the light of the above description, it is essential to trace back the fireworks safety mechanism in India and an appraisal of its execution in Puttingal temple fireworks.

Your selected plan: Already a member? Event Impact The impact of the disaster spread over 1 km radius from the explosion point. Concrete pieces of the exploded building found on the terrace of a house. The impact of the disaster spread over 1 km radius from the explosion point. Remove the fuse from live fireworks.

how to defuse fireworks explosion

Fireworks contain chemicals, fuels and oxidizers which can easily contaminate other objects they come into contact with, rendering all affected recyclables useless for recycling. The Firecracker Disaster The Puttingal Goddess temple has a tradition of nearly 500 years and its annual festival is customarily held for a week period generally in the month of April with special prayers, competitive fire works and various cultural events.

How Do Fireworks Work? - Lesson for Kids

Ramaswamy,and N. The car alarms triggered by the window-rattling bangs are just as annoying. You just release the wire and take it back to the IED. In India quite a few religious festivals and cultural fairs are accompanied by public display of fireworks.

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Fireworks fascination can never be defused, so keep your ears plugged

Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. Locally crafted gun powder mixes are filled into the half buried mortars and fired for display. The Prime Minister of India and a couple of national level political leaders having security cover of special protection group SPG visited the affected area and mass casualty managing hospitals within 16 hours of the explosion. Follow Charlie on Twitter.

how to defuse fireworks explosion