What causes marasmus and kwashiorkor

Close and frequent examination is required to guide this therapy, since clinical signs of diuresis are the best indices of the amount of fluids required. Correction of potassium deficiency within cells is rapid about 1 week. Kwashiorkor occurs in people who have a severe protein deficiency.

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The testes show only minimal signs of maturation as compared to those of normal children of the same age. Properly processed soybean, peanut meal, or cotton seed meal can also be used in this manner if skim milk is not available.

what causes marasmus and kwashiorkor

The medical history and physical examination must be sufficiently thorough to determine the type and severity of the case and the degree of hydration, as well as the presence of any infection. Kwashiorkor is caused by a lack of protein in the diet.

what causes marasmus and kwashiorkor

A loss of muscle and body weight are key symptoms of marasmus. The remainder of the treatment is essentially the same. In very mild cases, adding sufficient potassium chloride to provide a total of 4 to 6mEq of potassium per kg of body weight daily is sufficient. In addition, diarrhea may reduce nitrogen adsorption from the gastrointestinal tract.

what causes marasmus and kwashiorkor

Protein is also especially important for growth during childhood and pregnancy. The determination of urine volume, density, chloride, and pH is essential to evaluate the dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, and to guide clinical decisions. Search Go.

What Is Kwashiorkor?

In the early and mid-20th century, marasmus coexisted with kwashiorkor in most developing countries and was the prevailing form of severe protein calorie deprivation in some of them. Popular in: A full recovery can still take months, even with the right treatment plan.

what causes marasmus and kwashiorkor

Subcutaneous fat is the layer of fat just under the skin. Without these vital nutrients, energy levels become dangerously low and vital functions begin to stop.

What You Should Know About Marasmus

But, someone with kwashiorkor may not have a particularly low weight, because the fluid buildup makes up for the loss in body fat and muscle tissue. The World Health Organization manual suggests a follow-up period of 7-26 weeks, depending upon the individual case. Acute liver injury with severe coagulopathy in marasmus caused by a somatic delusional disorder. If convenient, one or two of these are worth obtaining for further confirmation, although serum albumin is sufficient for this purpose.

Kwashiorkor and Marasmus: What’s the Difference?

Most major cultural traditions identify a "vital energy" that guides your physical and mental processes. Marasmus is a form of severe malnutrition. What is the outlook? When it was possible to study kwashiorkor children in individual cubicles, such a stationary growth period was never again observed.


Good sanitation and hygiene can play a role in marasmus, especially in places where there is not a regular supply of healthful food and clean water.