Squeaky suspension when cold

Why Do I have a Squeaky Suspension?

It doesn't even have to be a big bump now as little ones do it too. Im not sure if I just need a ball joint or if i can fix it with a ball joint dusk boot?

squeaky suspension when cold

I also hear noise when slowing down to come to stops at red lights. If the bolt is too loose then the component may be able to move around under load allowing the rubber bushing will squeak.

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Does this sound right? If you're anywhere near 60,000, I would save up to have your suspension redone on all 4 corners if you plan to keep the car long-term.

squeaky suspension when cold

I'd rather the dealor do it, then some random garage. My stock suspension creeks on speed bumps too. Adam- It is possible that your right rear suspension is broken and causing your car to sag on that side.

squeaky suspension when cold

Shane, Thanks for your question about your Trailblazer. Any clue to this…. Thanks for your question about your Dodge Caliber.

squeaky suspension when cold

Mar 2010. Maybe if it gets worse it will be easier to find, but it's on record now, as I've got 5 months of warranty left. User Name: When you had the coilovers installed did the squeak change at all or did it stay the same?

Suspension Squeak When Cold

Apply rubber lubricant. Share This Page. Funny that its happening in winter when things are wet though. I tried to have it diagnosed by multiple experts and specialist around town, and they all give me more or less the same message.