Poptropica cheats how to fly

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Prev question. Go to the underground where the boy is holding the skateboard. Get the big rock, and aim at him. Follow what he says in order to defeat Betty Jetty. Then he'll get mad and whoop you with the ground.

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What Is A Poptropica Code To Fly On Any Island?

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poptropica cheats how to fly

Im up to thr betty jetty girl and she flys away and my dude dosent fly. Holding the Glow Stick: About This Article. Copy cat will laugh and throw a canister of smoke, and then multiply herself and run away. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You will find Betty Jetty at the top of the roped-off skyscraper roof. TNT 145. African Spear 160.

Poptropica Q&A

Old Explorer 113. She has the power of flight and green energy beams. Credit to Slanted Fish.

Poptropica Cheats - Red Dragon Island Walkthrough Part 1

I beg i wanna finish this game please! If you stand on the ground, he'll levitate a small piece under you in order to whoop you.

poptropica cheats how to fly

Im trying to learn to fly and get a pet on poptropica im not giving upi want to fly with a pet yay. Learn more...

poptropica cheats how to fly

To get Copy Cat, you must find all her clones before the smoke fogs up your screen.