How to style natural hair at night

how to style natural hair at night

You'll sleep like a baby knowing that your curls aren't being smashed to a dull and lifeless pulp. Try multi-pineapples instead, a modified method in which you gather curls in three to five smaller sections.

how to style natural hair at night

That high quickly comes crashing down, however, when you wake up the next morning to a matted mess. Thirdly, your hair is likely to appear bigger after pineappling. Length, thickness, the size of your curls, and whether or not you sleep on wet, dry, or stretched hair all play a part in what will work best for you.

how to style natural hair at night

And I cowash my hair every week and then shampoo my hair once a month. Those of you with shorter hair can do multiple pineapples - doing two or more according to your length - for the same results.

Naturalistas with short to medium length hair may not be able to nail a single pineapple, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost. Twisting and Braiding — This is a step you definitely do not want to skip out on because it helps prevent tangles or the matting of your hair which can lead to breakage. You don't have to do a ton of them, because who has that kind of time?!

9 Ways To Sleep With Natural Hair Without Totally Ruining Your Curls

I have 10 inch fro now. By Summer Arlexis. Just curious. Thanks for all you do. January 22, 2019 0 Comments. Healthy hair care doesn't stop when you sleep!

5 Tips for Protecting & Maintaining Your Natural Hair at Night

Feel free to sleep on it scarf-less like some naturals, or combine it with a silk bonnet for good measure. You can plait or twist up your hair at night. Are you thinking about ever creating a shampoo?

The friction from its contact dries out our hair, which eventually leads to its breakage. Your eyes land on the girl standing next.