How to read exchange rates tables

You are leaving on holiday in a few days and you would like to change your money before leaving.

how to read exchange rates tables

Yahoo Finance —Leading portal for financial news and analysis that also has a useful exchange rate calculator for many major currencies. Finance provides live market rates for all currency pairs. Leave Comment. Dollars or less than 34 U. Type currency names, 3-letter ISO currency symbols, or country names to select your currency.

how to read exchange rates tables

Compare Popular Online Brokers. Restricting cookies will prevent you benefiting from some of the functionality of our website. By Justin Kuepper. Social Sciences Economics Basics U. So let's get to work. The currency pair indicates how much of the terms currency right side is needed to purchase one unit of the base currency left side.

How to Read Currency Exchange Rates

Currency I Have: So the figure in row 2, column 4 reads "0. If we then turn around and exchange our 2. Since we started with 1 U. If looking for a very obscure currency, click the "Add Currency" button and type in the two currencies being used to get an exchange rate.

Currency Converter

This gives 605 X 1. Here's how exchange rates work, and how to figure out if you are getting a good deal. Choose a percentage from the interbank rate list to better approximate the tourist exchange rates actually charged by your financial institution. The value of a country's currency is dependent on many factors that will cause it to fluctuate, relative to other world currencies.

how to read exchange rates tables

Please enable JavaScript. The currency exchange board The currency rate changes every day. Foreign exchange market convention is such that most currencies, like the Canadian dollar, are quoted directly against the US dollar.