How to draw the organization 13

The following step by step drawing tutorials will guide you through the illustration process. Xemnas wears a robe so its okay to use thick lines. Step 7 Draw the bottom of his robe next.

how to draw the organization 13

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. These spikes curve up more and continue the "movement" of Roxas' cowlick before. Notice how some these spikes stick out of the balloon shape a bit.

On the top right side of Roxas' head, draw more spikes, except this time they kind of curve to the left to form a kind of cowlick.


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Organization Drawing

Step 3 Draw in thick arms and hands. Draw a series of four diagonal spikes across Roxas' forehead above his eyes.

how to draw the organization 13

Pay attention to the length of the spikes and their placement. Draw his robe design. Use the top right side of the original balloon shape as a guide to get the placement right. Copyright EasyDrawingTutorials. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

how to draw the organization 13

Xemnas , Xemnas from kingdom hearts , Xemnas kingdom hearts , kingdom hearts , how to draw Xemnas , drawing kingdom hearts , Xemnas tutorial , drawing tutorial , drawing lesson. Draw more curved spikes to the left.

How to Draw Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts Lesson

Draw a couple of lines within the ear for extra detail. Step 14: Have the line dip in toward the eye on the right side to create his cheekbone. Zelda Zim Invader Zim Zombie. Step 12: Related Post. Incredible Mr. Step 13: