Asp net xml linq where any


Comment posted by Gaurang Naik on Monday, May 6, 2013 1: What is item's type in "from item in rssFeed. Although these query expressions are syntactically different from XPath, they provide similar functionality. In this case, you will create a Product class with properties for each of the attributes in each element of product data. The reason? One question though: If we wanted something that translated to an inner join, we could do this:.

After reading the data, you will display that data in a ListBox on a Silverlight user control. In LINQ, the query is effortless:.

asp net xml linq where any

Attribute attributeName - returns an XAttribute object for a specific attribute, and Attributes - two overloads; the first accepts no input parameters and returns all attributes of the XElement ; the second overload accepts an attribute name and returns a collection of attributes of the XElement with a matching name. This method is created in a class called CommonBase. ID, item. Create sw.

asp net xml linq where any

Hot Network Questions. As long as you don't take more data than you need in other words, you still do all the filtering on the server you can often help performance by shifting some of the burden of reordering, transforming and regrouping the results onto a less loaded application server. General Topics. Call the Remove method on that found XElement object.

Query an XML Document Using LINQ to XML

There is a BIG problem with the above code illustrated in Listing 3! Also See stackoverflow. For example, suppose we want to retrieve a selection of customers, each with their high-value purchases.

In the preceding queries, if we had declared the state variable as an integer rather than a string, the query would fail at compile-time rather than run-time.

LINQ to XML Overview (C#)

You can learn more about them in my previous New "Orcas" Language Feature: Comment posted by shawn kountz on Friday, January 25, 2013 10: Let us see how to list all the Home Phone Nos. If the value is null, then a default value will be returned such as an empty string or a 0 for a numeric value.

asp net xml linq where any

ElementAt 1 ;. Elements "Address".