How to take apart 7 common core

After they had done this, I had them compare their trains with a student sitting next to them to be sure they were the same length. I called on Danielle. The activity gives students an opportunity to reason numerically, write addition equations, and, for the second graders, recognize the relationship between addition and multiplication.

how to take apart 7 common core

Sometimes it matters which numbers you work with first. Lesson objective: As the students became more comfortable, I began to use the calendar to determine which number the students would think about. Over the first few months of school, I varied the activity in several ways.

Breaking Numbers Apart

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Grade 1 » Operations & Algebraic Thinking

Password confirmation. We recommend keeping it to 1-2 paragraphs. For each, I recorded on chart paper, and I displayed the class charts in the room for students to reference.

how to take apart 7 common core

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2. Take apart numbers within 5 (FP)

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how to take apart 7 common core

Sign up with Google. I added his idea to the chart and we read it aloud together:. The book provides engaging, quick activities to help students practice math concepts, skills, and processes in a variety of problem-solving contexts throughout the day.