How to make keema kabab in hindi

Cool this completely. There should not be any amount of water before blending the mutton into a paste.

how to make keema kabab in hindi

You are welcome Shapshak, So glad to see you here! When golden remove to a kitchen tissue. Mention yummyindiankitchen or tag yummyindiankitchen!

how to make keema kabab in hindi

Serve the shami kababs with lemon and onions. Mix onion, green chilli and lime juice to this paste and mix thoroughly.

Shammi Kebab Recipe

Course Appetizer. Add ginger garlic paste. If there is any water remaining in the mutton mixture then cook it until the water is absorbed totally.

how to make keema kabab in hindi

Our Best Recipes. Cuisine Mughlai. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Mix everything well to make a dough like mixture. But in the modern days, these are also grilled in ovens and even fried. Also the meat should be drained of any excess moisture otherwise the seekh kababs will break.

Shami Kabab Recipe Hyderabadi,Mutton Shami Kabab Recipe

Sakshi 1 year ago This recipe is so wonderful. Regulate the flame to medium after half done.

how to make keema kabab in hindi

They turned out awesome. Deep fry them in hot oil until golden.

Keema Kabab Recipe

Pressure cook the whole mixture until the mutton gets tender or for about 4-5 whistles on sim flame. Also read about the best India mutton recipes that we have!

how to make keema kabab in hindi

Pls guide.