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Stages of a Criminal Case

Traffic case records: Compare Public, Shielded, or Confidential Record. You should narrow your search by including other information such as the filing date range, first name, case type, etc.

Criminal prosecution typically begins with an arrest by a police officer. Bail -- A sum of money or other form of security given to the court in exchange for the release of the accused from custody and to guarantee that the accused will appear in court. Default -- The failure to appear, to defend, or to follow proper procedure in a lawsuit. Fine -- A sum of money a person must pay as punishment because of an illegal act or omission. What records are available on Case Search? Writ of Execution -- An order of court commanding performance of a specified act or granting authority to have the action done.

Detinue -- An action for the value of goods. Oral Examination -- A request by plaintiff judgment creditor to discover the assets of a defendant judgment debtor after entry of judgment.

The prosecution bears the burden of proof in a criminal trial. A police officer may arrest a person if 1 the officer observes the person committing a crime; 2 the officer has probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed by that person; or 3 the officer makes the arrest under the authority of a valid arrest warrant.

Find a Lawyer. Eviction -- Action taken to legally dispossess a person of land or property. Statement of Charges -- A charging document, other than a citation, filed in District Court by a peace officer or by a judicial officer.

G grand jury - A panel of citizens sworn to inquire into crime and if appropriate bring accusations, or indictments, against the suspects. Dismissal -- Rules provide for both voluntary and involuntary dismissals. Interstate Detainer -- An arrest warrant issued on a charging document in another state and lodged with a correctional institution in Maryland in which the defendant is already detained to ensure continued detention of the defendant until delivered to the custody of the other state for prosecution on the pending charges.

F felony - A serious criminal offense for which the minimum sentence is one year.