Ar tsw 510 specs howard

Acoustic Research TSW 510 1980 Black / Wood

Each weighs about 40 kg. Overkill, you may ask? Frequency trimming from 50 to 150 Hz. All drivers fully functioning perfectly.

Life is too short, find what grabs you. I still listen to my other pairs as well, but for now I am enjoying the L-65s. Note that the metal trimmings around the drivers have some tarnish. If you're in southern CA I am happy to offer pickup of the speakers and will cancel shipping fees.

Optimus Pro 77X bookshelf speakers center: Two way 12" woofers.

Yamaha NS1000 speakers. Just missing the grill cloths unfortunatly but you cant moan when theyre free can you? Each speaker has eight 6" midbass drivers, 4 dome tweeters and a 15" passive radiator and weighs 85 kg each. Crossover at 1. Tip for Buyers: The speaker on the left shows the front and the other is the rear view. Good brain teaser for a chilly night in Upstate NY 12 degrees here https: While I find there isnt much Bose love here at TH, there is significantly less Bose hating than anywhere else ive seen.

I almost forgot, I have a pair of 3-way mini speakers who's brand I have NO idea of as my late father bought them in the mid to late 1980's, though the sticker on the back says 100W max, nominal is 50W at 4 Ohms. Nakamichi RE-3 preamp out jacks connect to each Ashly crossover. Top measures 8" X 10".

I've got 3 sets of speakers that I switch around from time to time. Altec Model 14 horn speaker system. Otherwise perfect working condition. Mint condition. Heco Mini-monitor speakers.