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To rescue the unbreakable link between human beings and their natural environment, in respectful harmony with new generations and the comfort of contemporary life. Whatsapp ai chatbot clare.

images de fundos para whatsapp mensajes

The kitchen is the nerve center of a country home, it is where all household chores converge, where the stomach is pampered and the body comforted. Luba Whatsapp conversas expondo expor l3ddy oshi t3ddy teddy zap.

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Do you want to connect with the Valdivian rainforest? Living in the countryside is in itself a wonderful experience, one in which one can deeply connect with nature and enjoy all the goodness and challenges of the south of Chile.

images de fundos para whatsapp mensajes

Mensaje Submit. America Broma Europe Far Humor Nieve United Whatsapp australia away chiste england espa fiestas getting gracioso guasap risas usa world. The forest beings have been there for millions of years interlocked by highly complex networks and systems that scientists are just now discovering, but that some of our ancestors have sensed and respected, creating a bond we can today recover and make our own.

It is in those kitchens where part of the recipes we share with you today were created and prepared for decades, gathered from different family tales, where local ingredients are the stars, so that any visitor or inhabitant in Fundo Leona can venture to prepare them. Come and be a part of a project holding 30 developed shelters in lots of up to 5 hectares well-equipped to make the dream of living in an extraordinarily scenic place come true.

This guide is an invitation to discover and boost different interests within each one of you.

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This is why by means of this guide we want to provide accurate and documented orientation on those activities which are essential to learning to enjoy country life. This book is an invitation to explore and discover the precious ecosystems where Fundo Leona is located, which are a part of our amazing and yet-to-be-explored territory at the end of the world.

images de fundos para whatsapp mensajes

It is intended as practical orientation for a series of activities taking place every day in any farm in the south of Chile, yet thought of on a human scale based on our experience as a family and on the sustainable use of the environment. Besides passing on specific, widely science-supported knowledge, what we are really interested in is motivating you to initiate a journey towards the inside of the temperate rainforests, to find out about the fabulous beings that inhabit and shape it.

All sources and links are also included as reference for those who want to learn further.

images de fundos para whatsapp mensajes

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