How to tell time clocks

When it is pointing to the "12," it is the top of the hour. Sometimes, there are tiny lines running along the clock dividing these segments. At noon, we eat lunch and take a nap.

Telling Time Clock

List Price: In our clock example, we have the numbers written around the edge to make it easier to read. You would need to borrow from the 9 and add 60 to the 20 minutes on top.

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how to tell time clocks

Not Helpful 5 Helpful 7. If the long minute hand is pointed at the 3, that means it is 15 minutes past the hour. Have your child cut out the clock hands with scissors.

how to tell time clocks

Answer this question Flag as... Read whatever number the little hand is pointing to.

how to tell time clocks

Some clocks have little slashes for each minute, while others do not. Times are marked as AM if they fall between midnight and noon. The hour hand is the shorter of the two clock hands.

Tell Time Clock

AB Aliyah Brown Mar 7, 2017. How long does the party last?

how to tell time clocks

Thank you. This is how you would set up any time subtraction problem. Therefore, you know that you need to stop and 10:

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