How to get good hat hairstyles

This article was co-authored by Laura Martin. It could be that your hair is dry. Whether you're wearing a fedora like the one blogger Nicolette Mason is sporting or a wearing a wide brimmed sun hat, your strands will look chic and polished with a few loose curls. The best part is you won't need any heat to accomplish them. In that case, you might want to go hardcore and break out the pomade.

how to get good hat hairstyles

Hats can abuse the scalp and impact circulation, both of which can contribute to hair loss. If you have bangs and have subsequently ruled out hats from your wardrobe, I'm here to change your mind.

For many typical fashionistas, a hat acts as a statement accessory all on its own, after all.

how to get good hat hairstyles

Outside of closely trimmed hair, the longer your hair the better when it comes to hat hair. Although the hat can definitely still be the focal point of your ensemble, your locks will complement the look for a more put-together vibe with minimal effort ideal for the fellow lazy girls of the world. It's highly unlikely that the Grimm brothers were thinking about Hollywood trends when they penned Rapunzel back in the 19th century, but here we are.

A beanie that is a looser fit and looser weave will be more gentle on your hair style. Although hat hair is common, you can usually remedy it with a few easy steps to help maintain the volume in your hair as well as prevent extra static or frizziness that might occur.

As a result, we tend to skimp on the styling why put in the effort when our coiffs are going to get ruined, anyway?

how to get good hat hairstyles

This will help "iron out" the indention left by the hat. Things You'll Need Brush.

Haute Hair: 3 'Dos To Pair With Your Winter Hats

Perfect for when it gets a little hot outside and you need to get your sweaty hair off your neck. A light texturizing powder will be all you need to restore some body. Sleek Hair Under a Kepi.

how to get good hat hairstyles

Laura Martin is a Licensed Cosmetologist in Georgia. Using a curling iron, curl the sections of your hair closest to your face away from your face. Vanessa Barrantes.

How to Get Rid of Hat Hair, Fast

While you might try to avoid removing your hat in public, there are times when you just have to. But worries, be gone, because here are the best hat hairstyles for thick hair and how you can achieve an adorable look this winter. I think the best hat hairstyles for thick hair are ones that are, well, contained. If your hair remains limp and flat no matter what you do, take off the hat and put up your hair in a more hat friendly hairstyle.

how to get good hat hairstyles