How to do cool mind reading tricks

If you have a large audience, you can pick the first ten people to volunteer their names; for a smaller audience, everyone can participate. Tailor it to the event and the people.

4 Easy Mind Reading Tricks Revealed

This is one of the most common easy mind reading tricks to learn and is also one of the best ones to help practice your performance and build your confidence. Keep it small so you can do computations in your head. It's not impossible, but it is very hard. Then, have a member of the audience shuffle the cards and have that person pick one.

how to do cool mind reading tricks

Speak with confidence - your tricks will be more believable. Whichever number your friend chooses, you have to multiply that by 9 to get the magic number.

how to do cool mind reading tricks

As a mentalist you will very quickly learn that probability is your friend and to trust in it at all times. Ask them to answer the following questions: Divide by 6. Try reading it again and remember the steps and their sequence to get it perfect every time.

Easy Mind Reading & Prediction Tricks

Just don't do anything too obvious, such as telling people to add 5, subtract their original number, and say "the number you are thinking of is 5". Then ask them to choose any one-digit number displayed.

how to do cool mind reading tricks

Not Helpful 75 Helpful 81. The pencil slowly begins to rise in the bottle. The crowd goes wild with amazement! IF what you are looking for is how to learn to read peoples minds then my recommendation for you is to check out these couple books on mind reading.

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Learn 5 Simple, Easy Magic and Mind-Reading Tricks

With a group of people including your assistant tell them you will step outside of the room for 30 seconds. After they say the third name, hand them a special match and when the match floats vertically in the water, you say that means they will marry that person. Some articles have Google Maps embedded in them. This article has also been viewed 341,659 times.

5 Easy Mind Reading Tricks Revealed

Magic Trick 1: Tell them not to open it until they have their own answer. The Film Prediction.

how to do cool mind reading tricks

Divide the entire answer by 2. In the effect, a spectator secretly selects a color and then by silently spelling it as the magician touches a series of cards, the magician locates the color.