How to address an indian chief

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how to address an indian chief

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Chief Ministers

What makes this more confusing is that I consulted a person who works often with Tribal officials and she thought the salutation in the letter should be Honorable Full Name: Below are other topics covered in my blog and at right is a list of officials, Between the two I probably have what you are looking for. For more information, call 803 775-4985.

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Sunil Arora takes charge as new Chief Election Commissioner of India

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On Use of the Title ‘Chief’

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how to address an indian chief

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how to address an indian chief

If you have any questions regarding actual tribes and tribal leadership, please feel free to contact NAIA in Nashville, or the United South and Eastern Tribes in Nashville, on the web at www.

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Indian chief to address genealogical society

It was also the primary writer and organizational sponsor of the first Commission of Indian Affairs legislation passed by the state in 1983.

I am an 11-year-old 5th grader working on a school project. How do I address the envelopes? Most of these organizations do not have leaders who are themselves members of federally- or state-recognized tribes, and the vast majority of these organizations are not registered with the TN Secretary of State or with the federal government as a 501 c nonprofit organization. Louie C.