Czechowice-dziedzice refinery fire lima

Husky official says refinery fire under control

Hamburg, Germany. The unit removes sulphur to less than 30 parts per million through the prime-G 2 reactor process, which also minimises octane loss.

czechowice-dziedzice refinery fire lima

There were no injuries and officials say no one is in danger from the soot and smoke that resulted from the explosion. We will have more information when it becomes available.

czechowice-dziedzice refinery fire lima

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Czechowice-Dziedzice Oil Refinery Fire

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Husky Energy Spokesman Mel Duvall said the fire continues to burn and crews from within the refinery as well as emergency crews from Allen County continue to battle flames. Light Painting A woman builds a fire at camp after a long day of backpacking.

czechowice-dziedzice refinery fire lima

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czechowice-dziedzice refinery fire lima

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