Captain america vs ironman who wins dancing

In an alternate world where Cap and Bucky aren't totally inseparable, their friendship might look something like this.

Why do Captain America and Iron Man go to war? But Tony shows up as a mentor for Tom Holland's new Spider-Man and the kid is enlisted to help diffuse the situation...

They spend their first film together bickering like kids, and their second film with a vague sense of camaraderie that is barely explored. Sure, this is a Cap vs Iron Man list, but sometimes differences need to be set aside for the greater good. Still, she is willing to represent the Avengers at the signing of the Accords, although her loyalty to Tony only stretches so far. Cap's lines might sound better coming from someone like Drax the Destroyer, but we can't blame him.

captain america vs ironman who wins dancing

The genre is in desperate need of more female heroes as it is, and way less underwhelming Iron Man sequels. Yeah, sure Cap. Who is on the winning side? The DCEU certainly thinks so! By Caroline Pate. The game consisted of questions like "What is the worst place to turn into the Hulk?


Does anybody really want to play a game of Monopoly with Bruce Banner of all people? It's revenge against Bucky — the supposed bomber — that motivates T'Challa's involvement in Civil War , though a valuable lesson eventually forces him to reassess his beliefs.

'Avengers 4' Fan Art Imagines Captain America's Last Dance

Great bosses do this all the time. A pretty heavy ending, especially for a Disney franchise. The Winter Soldier.

captain america vs ironman who wins dancing

They don't just post a mission statement; they expect employees--and themselves--to actually do what's on that statement, such as provide great customer service and create excellent products. They earn employee loyalty by showing loyalty first. The film received mixed reviews upon release with much of the praise aimed at the acting and not much else.

captain america vs ironman who wins dancing

The same is very true in business, too. Why didn't the Avengers think of this?

captain america vs ironman who wins dancing

You never see him doing a victory dance or spiking the ball at the end of a winning play.