What goes good on a hot dog

What's REALLY in Hot Dogs?

And then there are the times when you want to be adventurous with your food and try something different. Boiled Peanuts. Our replacement?

what goes good on a hot dog

Mashed Potatoes. Serve on grilled buns with lettuce, jalapenos and a mix of equal parts mango chutney, mayonnaise and jerk sauce. Don't even think about getting ketchup near this Chicago beauty.

what goes good on a hot dog

More From Fourth of July. Serve grilled hot dogs on grilled buns with remoulade sauce or Creole mustard, shredded romaine and pickled okra. Chicago Dogs Serve boiled hot dogs on poppy-seed buns with dill pickle and cucumber spears, sliced tomatoes, sweet pickle relish, pickled peppers, diced onion and yellow mustard.

Burgers and Hot Dogs

Simmer hot dogs in marinara sauce. By Jessica Booth. Cali bonus points for sliced avocado. So, which one is your favourite? Popcorn lovers, rejoice—you can, and should, be putting popcorn on hot dogs. A handful of crushed salt and vinegar chips—a much more reasonable alternative than a trip to the state. Indiana is known for corn, so a corn dog is only fitting.

13 Creative Hot Dog Toppings to Spice Up Your Next BBQ

Food Network Magazine. Sprinkle hot dogs with five-spice powder; grill, brushing with hoisin or plum sauce. Despite having a lot of haters, ketchup still retains its reign as one of the most popular hot dog toppings, garnering 52 per cent of votes in the NHDSC survey.

what goes good on a hot dog

Serve it on the side: America—land of the free and home of the hot dog. Sprinkle with Creole seasoning. Dip in beaten egg, then dredge in flour and deep-fry in 350 degree F vegetable oil until golden; sprinkle with cheddar and bake at 375 degree F until the cheese melts. Yesterday, Takeout contributor Marnie Shure made her argument for the plain hot dog —that is, no condiments, just bun and wiener unadorned.

what goes good on a hot dog