What day was april 23 1930s

what day was april 23 1930s

Jordi's Day in Catalonia, presents of books and roses. Year 2018 88.

Calendar for Year 1900 (Russia)

Mervyn LeRoy Starring: The Blue Angel Directed by: See other popular movies of the week. Old Newspapers.

what day was april 23 1930s

April 1930. Special birthdays Year 1931 1. Silvana Mangano: Tell the world why 23 April 1930 is such a special date for you!

Wednesday 23 April 1930

See astronomy profile for 23 April 1930. Philip Snowden -- Apr. Year 1942 12. Roman Catholic Archbishop Southwark.

what day was april 23 1930s

Year 1932 2. Year 1952 22. Make this date unforgettable. Please adjust life expectancy The current age is higher than the life expectancy assumed, please adjust the life expectancy on the right.

Facts & Trivia - Zodiac Sign Taurus April 23rd Birthday Horoscope

July 1930. Is this date important to you?

How old am I if I was born in 1930?

Remember when. Have a look at the old newspapers from 23 April 1930 and get them!

what day was april 23 1930s

All Quiet on the Western Front Directed by: The year 1930 began more than 89 years ago on Wednesday, 01.