How to sticker bomb your car interior

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how to sticker bomb your car interior

It should look good from every way up. I personally have hundreds to trade.

70+ Epic Sticker Bomb Examples

But where do you get them? Put them on at all angles.

how to sticker bomb your car interior

More by the author: Thanks for reading! They leave a residue on the dash that prohibits the stickers from sticking well. If you do make your own or have already , please come back and show it off in the comments we would love to see it: Hi do you have any with batman and star wars?

How to Rice: Stickerbomb!

Posts Latest Activity. The van looks wicked , I am bombing my t2 install now, I like the idea of printing of your own stickers I will do that in the morning as want the Arthur Daley sticker , I have collected mine over years of trips to Cornwall and Devon ,thanks for the advice , glen. This has become a fad in the import circles.

how to sticker bomb your car interior

Here are some more close up photos of bits of my roof lining. Head over to my page and take a looksie.

how to sticker bomb your car interior

It's a shame they'll never meet. I then got bombing, to cover the curves and bends which are tricky I chose the higher quality vinyl type stickers I had or used smaller stickers which I cut up.

The base layer of stickers is easy. Originally posted by tibby View Post. To do this I first removed the handle and filled the holes, cracks and scratches with body filler.

First you must wipe down your surface.