How to reef a roller furling mainsail

On one side the waterline is a sharp curve, the other almost straight. Too much heel: Black is tinted blue and silver, and sky meets surf with electricity and the lapping sounds of silence. Originally Posted by Talulah. With masthead rigs, taking a slab in the mainsail might be the best first step. Everything, therefore points towards reefing the main early and deeply and then fine-tuning the total sail area with the genoa.

How to: A Trouble-free Furling Main

Results 1 to 10 of 22. The answer is to pole it out or sail high enough to keep it filled and stable. Unwind the mainsail using the winch handle to control the main coming out. Why do we reef?

Are Roller Reefing Mainsails Worth Having?

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how to reef a roller furling mainsail

If I am doing away with the reef altogether I rarely use the winch handle to control the main coming out. On the other hand, composites designed for cruising applications actually are perfect for in-mast mainsails.

If a reef is needed when sailing on the wind then it's simply a matter of easing off the main sheet so that the main is luffing release the out haul a little haul the slack sail in release a little more sail haul that in then tighten the out haul easy all done from the cockpit, my boat is a Westerly Corsair 35 ft I sail single handed all the time I have vertical batons in my sail, this makes a great deal of difference when sailing up wind, much closer to the wind.

how to reef a roller furling mainsail

You Might Also Like: The winch at the mast on ours is steel, not plastic and the insides are also steel. Backstay tension will also improve set, by reducing forestay sag.

Although out of favour for good reason, twin-masted boats are often perfect for heavy weather sailing, being able to set or dowse a number of sails in many combinations without having to reef or roll any of them.

PBO Sail Clinic: How to reef

Once enough sail is out I'll pull down on the continuous loop line at the winch to grip it whilst I then put the pin back in to the ratchet position. The only time I use it is when it is too rough to work on deck.

how to reef a roller furling mainsail

The keel is no longer as deep, has less grip on the water and its centre of resistance drag is to windward of the centreline.